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Sarah- President

Sarah Zanabli


Salam!! My name is Sarah Zanabli and I am a senior majoring in Biology and minoring in Nutrition. I grew up in Charleston, WV and I am originally from Aleppo, Syria. Some of my favorite hobbies include playing piano and ukulele, traveling, and attempting to cook food. I’ve been involved with MSA for three years in which I served as the Vice President and the Community Service Chair. I’m looking forward to leading this organization with this wonderful board, as well as supporting the Morgantown Muslim community to the best of my ability. My goal is to highlight the beauty of Islam through advocacy, awareness, and adequate representation that will empower Muslims to embrace their identity and connection to their faith. Here’s to a successful and productive year, Inshallah!

Kareem (VP)

Kareem Ibrahim-Bacha

Vice President 

Salam, my name is Kareem Ibrahim-Bacha. I am the Vice President this year. I am from Charleston, WV (originally from Aleppo, Syria) and am majoring in Biology with a minor in psychology. In my free time I like to play tennis, soccer, and video games. My future goal is to graduate and go on to medical school.

Fady (Treasurer)

Fady Ghoul


Salam Everyone! My name is Fady Ghoul and I’m the treasurer this year. I am a Biology major with a minor in Spanish. I’m originally from Palestine, but grew up in Dallas, TX, as well as Charleston, WV. In my free time I like traveling, hanging out with friends/family, drawing, and reading the news. I’m excited for this year and hopeful that the MSA will have a meaningful impact on Muslims and non-Muslims in the Morgantown area.

Aarij (Secretary)

Aarij Siddiqui 


Salam everyone! My name is Aarij Siddiqui. I am the Secretary for the 21-22 school year. I am a JD/MBA student at the Law School here from Gainesville, VA, Alhamdullilah. I am a die hard Soccer fan and I watch pretty much every league in the world. #FCBarcelona #USMNT #DCUnited are my teams. I also enjoy watching and playing Cricket and I support the Pakistan Cricket Team. I love fishes and currently have two fish tanks with different fishes; in my down time I love playing Career Mode on FIFA. I am looking forward to creating meaningful relationships with my fellow MSA members and having thorough and thoughtful discussions about Islam this year.

Rama (Public Relations)

Rama Al-Omar

Public Relations Chair

Salam! My name is Rama Al-Omar, and I’m the current Public Relations Chair for this year! I’m a Computer Science major minoring in Electronic Media, and from Morgantown, WV, but originally from Damascus, Syria. I’m a huge artistic person, and love creating and sharing my art, with a small business on Etsy.  I’m also a fan of video games and books (anything fantasy goes! Huge fan of Witcher 3). I’m very excited to be working with the MSA to help present the organization out to more people, and reach a more diverse and expanded audience. 

Nawar (Special Events Coordinator)

Nawar Attal

Special Events Coordinator 

Salam! My name is Nawar Attal. I am a third year exercise physiology major from Charleston, WV. I am originally from Latakia, Syria. In my free time, I like to play and watch soccer and basketball. I am a big Real Madrid fan and an NBA Bandwagon. Once I graduate, I plan to attend medical school inshallah. 

Shahd (Community Service Chair)

Shahd Hanif

Community Service Chair

Salam! My name is Shahd Hanif and I am the Community Service Chair for the 21-22 school year! I am a sophomore majoring in Psychology and minoring in Spanish and Arabic. I am originally Palestinian but I have lived in Morgantown for the last ten years, among other places. I enjoy baking, traveling, and participating in outdoor activities in my free time. I love meeting new people, so I am looking forward to working with our MSA in organizing events with organizations around Morgantown, and more.


Ahmed Zanabli 

Graduate Student Liaison

Salam, my name is Amer and I’m your Graduate Student Liaison! At present, I am a third year medical student and currently accepting any dua. In my limited free time, I have been working through my extensive childhood bucket list. The latest on the list was learning how to make my own 3D models and then bringing them to life with a 3D printer. I also have a drone and a cat that I love dearly. I’m really excited to help out the team this year, and strengthen our collective iman.

Nisa (Student Advisor)

Nisa Rana

Student Advisor/Former President

Salaam everyone! My name is Nisa Rana, and I am honored to be the Student Advisor of the MSA for the 2021-2022 school year! As a former President of the MSA of WVU, I hope to be able to help the board transition into the new school year as a reference for any questions, concerns, or help they need to successfully carry out the year! I am a Senior Biology student with a minor in Psychology. I’m from a little town in Southern WV, and in my free time I enjoy baking, painting, chilling with my friends, and playing basketball. I hope that we can all strengthen our Iman through our events and form a brotherhood/sisterhood with our ummah for the sake of Allah InshaAllah!